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Mascha from Russia

My name is Mascha, I am from  Russia. There, I pretty much summed up my small talk style introduction at the numerous London parties. In reality I AM Russian, living in London – a “Russki” if you will, without the oligarch part and in fact with an Oxford degree and a full time job in finance. There is no reservations about my national identity, no huge existential dilemmas about fitting in, there is a bit of a twang to my accent despite more than a decade in London, but other than that no language or mental barriers. Perhaps it is with this certainty of my own self, a natural curiosity and of course with a  strong Soviet legacy of yearning for all things cultured that  I cannot envisage my London life without numerous events, Russo-centric (mostly) or not.

Of course, as such there is a variety of things that interest me – opera, ballet, modern dance, interactive theatre and cinema, fashion, sport, adventure. It is an eclectic mix, which can only be explained in my mind by one word – experiments. I love experiments.

Then I realise (to the despair of my architect , borscht deprived, boyfriend) that I am out and about nearly every single day of the week. 

Город, в котором я живу: