The Kensington-based school is holding an annual performance with the participation of Guest Artists from leading ballet companies.

Sun 23 June 2013 - 5.00pm Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AJ

The show will be in two acts with 20 min interval. Since the inaugural performances, enrolment in the school has significantly increased. The upcoming performance is designed to celebrate our students’ work over this successful year. The students of the school, aged 3 and up, will be performing One Act ballet “Four Seasons” and a range of solos and group dances in the second part of the show “Divertissement”.

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About Natalia Kremen: 

Natalia Kremen leads a busy and exciting life, which many of us can only dream of. As a member of the English National Ballet, she also makes TV appearances, but her real passion is her ballet school, located in the heart of London.

Born and raised in Moscow, Natalia Kremen has followed in the footsteps of her father, training in ballet since she was ten years old, and gradually becoming a professional dancer. Seven years ago, Kremen was invited to the English National Ballet, where she has launched a successful career.

But while planning the next step, Natalia has decided try something different. That something is a ballet school for children, where she shares her experiences with the next generation of dancers.

And as a qualified ballet teacher as well as an experienced performer, Kremen has inspired many students at the school. 10-year-old Beggy is one of them. She has studied ballet for more than a year, and practises every day.

Kremen also has a successful modelling and acting career, but is now focused primarily on the ballet school. She believes that teaching is the perfect way to carry on what she has to offer as an experienced dancer. And the smiling faces of her students make it all worthwhile.

Source: CNTV 
Images: Natalia Kremen Ballet School