Bio-tiful Dairy

Удивительно, насколько глубоко русская культура проникла в лондонскую жизнь... Новинка сезона - настоящий кефир, ряженка, простокваша!

Bio-tiful Dairy Ltd was set up to produce in the UK the delicious organic fermented milk drinks – Kefir, Prostokvasha and Riazhenka - that are widely consumed in Eastern Europe and Russia, and are popular in Scandinavia, Germany, US, Canada but have so far had limited presence in the UK. The three Products were chosen from the wide variety of existing fermented milk drinks on the basis of their superior nutritional and tasting qualities. The difference between the three chosen drinks comes from differently composed cultures and pre-fermentation treatment of organic milk that produce varying taste, texture and aroma.

As the Products have been produced in the Company founder’s natural motherland for well over a century, with their significant nutritional and health benefits having been long established alongside their very pleasant tasting qualities, a significant knowledge base in their production has been accumulated. Prior to making commitment to the production, the founder of the Company has undertaken a very extensive research of the current best practices and production methods, drawing on the vast scientific and practical knowledge base, including observations and knowledge sharing at the existing large-scale production facilities for fermented milk drinks in Russia, as well as consultations with the specialists in cultured dairy products in the UK.

The optimal production base was chosen in the beautiful South Downs on the basis of the outstanding quality of its organic milk and a professionally run Dairy facility, as well as the perfect ethical fit with Bio-tiful Dairy’s values. The Company’s Products therefore are a result of the close co-operation aimed at achieving the highest quality of the produce.

The founder has chosen to use the authentic cultures for the milk fermentation to deliver the superior quality of the Products. The cultures are produced by the leading specialist food ingredients manufacturer in Russia that has extensive science laboratories where the cultures are produced and tested, and that works closely with the Russian Food Research Institute.