Антон Чехов: Чайка

John Donnelly's new version brings to startling life the rawness, beauty and humour of Chekhov's first major play.

Wed 29 May 2013 - Sat 01 June 2013 Richmond Theatre, The Green, Richmond TW9 1QJ


'A beautiful young girl lives by a lake all her life, like you. She loves this lake. She's happy and free, like that bird was once. Then a man comes along and for no reason at all – what do you think he does? He destroys her.'

A play about unrequited love - a story about how we create stories - and one of the greatest plays of the modern era. In The Seagull, Chekhov explores emotion, creativity and romantic conflict with the clarity of a doctor and the heart of a poet. 

A co-production between the multi award-winning Headlong (Artistic Director Rupert Goold), renowned for their innovative, accessible re-imaginings of classic texts, and The Nuffield, Southampton. Headlong's recent work includes Medea, Boys, Romeo and Juliet, Earthquakes in London, The Effect and ENRON.

Director Blanche McIntyre    

In association with Derby Theatre 

'The country’s most exciting touring company' - Daily Telegraph

'Headlong is one of the jewels of regional theatre' - Independent

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