Stephen Fry reads Eugene Onegin

British national treasure Stephen Fry has recorded an audiobook of Pushkin’s epic novel in verse Eugene Onegin, and it is available for free!

Tue 14 May 2013 - 10.15am

Download your copy now at   As you may know, there have been over 40 translations of Eugene Onegin into English – the version read by Fry is the translation by James E. Falen that was first published in 1990.   Here's what James E. Falen himself says about translating Pushkin: “Verse, perhaps, can be translated; great poetry is something else. Russian and English poetry do not look, sound, or behave very much alike; and by choosing to work on Pushkin's poem, in which the sheer beauty of sound is so vital a part of its effect and in which all the expressive resources of the Russian language are on masterful display, the translator may find himself casting an uneasy eye at Robert Frost's cautionary definition of poetry as 'what gets lost in translation'. All he can do, having begun, is keep to his task, reassuring himself that both Russian and English, after all, assemble consonants and vowels into sounds and words, into beauty and sense.”