The Independent Rainbow List 2014

Принадлежащая семье российских бизнесменов Лебедевых газета Independent опубликовала список самых влиятельных ЛГБТ-персон Великобритании 2014 года

by Alexander Smotrov


В списке – 101 человек самых разных возрастов и профессий. В их числе - королевская придворная поэтесса-лауреат, члены парламента, "теневые" министры, судьи, бизнесмены, журналисты, актеры, музыканты и спортсмены. Из известных далеко за пределами Британии имен - спортсмен Том Дейли и два актера из сериала "Шерлок" (исполнители ролей Майкрофта Холмса и Джима Мориарти).

В Великобритании такие публикации давно уже стали обычной практикой. С одной стороны, все уже привыкли, что у людей, включая влиятельных и знаменитых, может быть нетрадиционная ориентация, они её не скрывают, и это не мешает им быть профессионалами своего дела и состоявшимися личностями. С другой стороны, сам факт составления подобных списков говорит о том, что не все проблемы равенства, признания и толерантности уже решены, даже в Великобритании. Как ни парадоксально, но чем больше тема равенства сексуальных меньшинств обсуждается в обществе, тем спокойнее и толерантнее общество к этой теме становится.

Наверняка, в российской элите подобная сотня тоже легко найдется, учитывая количество примеров, "широко известных в узких кругах". И её влияние, будь она публично известной, было бы не меньше, чем британской. Пока эта сотня (десятка, тысяча) держится в секрете, как скелет в шкафу. Но способствует ли эта двойная мораль укреплению толерантности в обществе и помогает ли молодёжи найти правильные ориентиры в жизни – это большой вопрос...

Вот первая десятка списка.


The Independent Rainbow List 2014

In a small office in west London at the end of October, six judges spent nearly five hours debating how to reduce 4,390 heartfelt nominations received over three weeks down to 101 brilliant people to produce this, the Rainbow List 2014.

There are three new entries in our top 10 alone – reflecting our mission to keep the list fresh and interesting. We have also maintained a gallery of National Treasures – who will always be part of the landscape of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in Britain.

We’ll introduce some new faces to look out for, recognise the straight allies who support LGBT people, and acknowledge the global stars who couldn’t be part of our British list – despite, in one case, publishing a “coming out” statement on the morning of the judging meeting. In this year of equal marriage, there is also a new, additional list …

Our judges debated long and hard, weighing several forms of “influence” in making their choices. We even invented a new rule, known as The Janet Jackson Rule: “What has s/he done for us lately?”

The result honours those who have long and brave histories of standing up for equal rights, even when equality wasn’t even legal, as well as youngsters whose openness in the past year shows children (and adults) that who they are and whom they love need not be a barrier to success in any walk of life.

And why do we do it? Because, while Independent on Sundayreaders may be good allies who campaign for equality for all, unfortunately, some people still need telling.

Congratulations to everyone on the list!


1 (new entry) Michael Cashman

Labour Party special envoy on LGBT issues worldwide

The Limehouse-born actor, now well-loved politician, was once Colin in EastEnders, one half of the first gay kiss on mainstream British TV. Then he became a Member of the European Parliament for 15 years until May this year, and now, at 63, a member of the House of Lords. A founder of Stonewall in 1989, he has long been a campaigner for LGBT rights.

He was appointed a CBE in the 2013 New Year Honours. He and his partner of 20 years, Paul Cottingham, were among the first couples to register their civil partnership, in March 2006. Cottingham died of cancer last month, and when Lord Cashman took his seat in the Lords five days later, he said:“Beside me, unseen by others, will be the love of my life, Paul Cottingham.”


2 (last year 1) Paris Lees

Journalist & campaigner

Lees has written that “Being No 1 on the Pink List transformed my life .... It was an honour, and I’ve really tried to live up to the trust the judges invested in me.”

She certainly has, with appearances on Question Time,NewsnightRadio 1 and at the Oxford Union, and a new book deal. Our heroine.


3 (new entry) Vicky Beeching

Religious commentator & musician

A prominent member of the UK and US Christian community, Beeching provided an example to follow after coming out in August. Her campaign for changes to the Church’s stance on equality and diversity has gained her huge support, and she collected the most nominations for this year’s list.


4 (re-entry) Ruth Davidson

Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party

Has been described as a “working-class, kick-boxing lesbian from Glasgow”, she might seem an unlikely Conservative politician.

She was a reporter for the BBC, and joined the Tories in 2009. Elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2011, she became leader, aged 32, six months later.


5 (15) Evan Davis

BBC Newsnight presenter

After a first in economics from Oxford, and a year at Harvard, Davis worked for the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

He joined the BBC 21 years ago and rose to Economics Editor, then presented Radio 4’s Today for six years. Last month he stepped up to Newsnight. Today’s loss, our judges thought.


6 (10) Sue Perkins

Comedian & presenter

Perkins reinforced her position as Britain’s best-loved baker with another Great British Bake Off, while also presenting highlights from the Edinburgh Festival. She will put her famously brilliant take on 21st-century gay life by writing an episode for the upcoming E4 drama series, Banana.


7 (new entry) Sam Smith


The 22-year-old soul singer is the UK’s biggest new musician of 2014, with massive sales of his debut album. During the promotional rounds, he revealed it was written about his love for a guy, making him a rarity – the pop star who comes out at the beginning of his career.


8 (5) Ruth Hunt

CEO, Stonewall

Stonewall's new CEO, popular for equal marriage campaigning and working with trans people, had a wobble for failing to support a boycott of the Dorchester hotel over the religious laws of its owner, the Sultan of Brunei. Hunt explained that this was to avoid putting Brunei’s LGBT community “at far greater risk”.


9 (37) Casey Stoney


Congratulations are due to Stoney, who announced in July that she and her partner and former team-mate Megan Harris are expecting twins. Stoney rejoined Arsenal this season and led England in the first four matches of their impressive World Cup 2015 qualifying campaign.


10 (20) Suran Dickson

CEO, Diversity Role Models

Dickson left her teaching career to put an end to homophobic bullying in schools – something she used to witness regularly. This year, the charity reached out to more than 7,500 children through 338 LGBT workshops – nearly twice the number of pupils as the previous year.


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